INFINITE PRECISION INDUSTRIES SDN BHD formerly known as INFINITE INDUSTRIES SUPPLY which founded in the year 1998 to cater for the need of industries by wide range of products and services. To further strengthen and to take advantage of new opportunities, our company has focused on customers needs and market by extending the benefits of the close linkage with the manufacturers and bringing the latest technology into industries supply for providing cost effective solutions. The increasing competitiveness of the market demands us to emphasize on customers needs and sharing of resources. We are committed to our belief and philosophy of meeting customers' need and requirement through excellent services and supports. We regularly stock every standard items listed in our catalog and we are set up to deliver to customers order fast. In addition to the stock items, we are able to make or modify many of the products to meet customers exact specification. We have offered customers claims on defect products and repairment. Besides, we also frequently survey customers opinions and suggestions for improving our quality of products and services in order to grow together with our customers and market needs. Please feel free to contact us for any question and enquiry.
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